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Entering and exiting the arena while not mounted is acceptable. Athlete needs to be mounted while on course. All rules still apply even if dismounted. (28.9.8) Rule concerning being dismounted specifically says while on course. (28.9.7) Eye contact with judge is not required.

Driving Measurements: Measure 45 feet from the WALL to the first cone (not the pole). This will insure a safer distance between the last cone and the wall in smaller arenas. The track for the diagonal line at the extended trot will not necessarily pass to the right of the first cone as diagrammed. The line should be straight and not hit any cones. The start cone should be set 33 feet from the side wall, as well as 45 feet from the line the cones are on. This will insure a consistent distance for the backing element.

Question: The IHOR pattern bonus obstacle.............in the drawing in the book it looks like the athlete would back her horse from the middle of the last pole of the U in the side pass back across the line............however in the words it says to side pass the U and so some athletes side passed the whole U and then backed their horse across the line without a pole under them. Is one right? Are both acceptable? Is there a judging difference depending on which you do?
Answer: The fourth element requires the athlete to trot over the parallel poles of the side pass, and directly over the start line. If an athlete chooses to do the bonus, they stop over the first rail of the U, side pass the U, then back over the start line. On the diagram, the line on the left shows the path to take when the bonus is not done. The line, and hoof symbols, on the right show the track to take when the bonus is performed.


Team Versatility, an Event in Evolution

 (Diagrams)  (Obstacle Choices)  (Info & Evaluate)  (Score)

Breakaway Roping, Steer Daubing, and Team Penning

 (Timed Event Record)  (Timer Document)


Working Fours and Short Program  (All Maneuvers Booklet)  (Score)


Driving  (Pattern)  (Score)  (Dimensions)  (Combined)


Dressage  (Dressage Test)
Hunt Seat Equitation  (Pattern)  (Score)  (Combined)
Hunt Seat Eq. Over Fences  (Pattern)  (Dimensions)  (Score)  (Combined)  (Equipment List)
Hunt Seat Trail  (Pattern)  (Dimensions)  (Score)  (Combined)  (Trail Set-Up)
Saddle Seat Equitation  (Pattern)  (Score)  (Combined)
Saddle Seat Trail  (Pattern)  (Dimensions)  (Score)  (Trail Set-Up)  (Combined)

In Hand

Showmanship  (Pattern)  (Score)  (Dimensions)  (Combined)
In Hand Trail  (Pattern)  (Dimensions)  (Score)  (Set-Up)  (Combined)
In Hand Obstacles Relay   (Pattern)  (Score)  (Dimensions)  (Set-Up)   (Combined)


Working Pairs  (Pattern)  (Score)  (Combined)

Timed Events(non Cattle)

Barrels, Pole Bending, Figure 8, Keyhole, Individual Flags, Team Canadian Flags, and Birangle  (Timed Event Record)  (Timer Document)


Western Horsemanship  (Pattern)  (Score)  (Combined)
Working Rancher  (Pattern)  (Score)  (Dimensions)  (Set-Up)  (Combined)
Reining  (Pattern)  (Score)  (Combined)
Western Trail  (Pattern)  (Dimensions)  (Score)  (Combined)  (Trail Set-Up)

Helmet Requirements

There have been some questions raised about helmet use requirements at "NON" OHSET events. Remember, our rules and insurance govern OHSET events (not OHSET attire). So, helmets are required while riding or driving at:
» Any OHSET event.
» At any event raising funds for OHSET.
» At any event OHSET money was used to pay entry fees for.
» At any event that a coach or advisor said, "this is going to be our ____ practice;" as in cattle practice, gaming practice, etc.
» At any event where coaching from an OHSET coach is happening with OHSET athletes. While any ER Doc would tell you to wear your helmet when you ride at all times, OHSET does NOT require it: When you are at an event not covered above, like a gaming play day or Open horse show.

What athletes are wearing doesn't matter. Use common sense, if there is some question about if it's an OHSET event, error toward wearing helmets. They can wear their garb anywhere, helmets or not.

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